No matter what you’ve heard about its declining popularity, Facebook is still the most-used social media platform in the world with roughly 2.93 billion monthly active users worldwide. This means that if you run ads on Facebook, you have the chance to reach a boatload of people.

In fact, research shows that Facebook ads reach 42.8% of all Internet users. Who wouldn’t want that?

But advertising on Facebook is not just about reach. The platform offers marketers the ability to set up the most advanced campaigns on social within its Ads Manager. From building custom audiences and targeting very specific demographics to running A/B tests, Facebook gives social media marketers full control over their ad campaigns, no matter the size.

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If you already know how to run ads on Facebook and the various ad formats you can use, this guide will give you some fresh ideas for your next ad campaign.

Keep reading for 15 fresh examples of top-tier Facebook ads (for different ad types) and actionable takeaways you can implement in your ads.

Facebook image ads examples

1. Nike

Facebook image ad example: NikeFacebook image ad example: Nike

Nike is one of the most popular shoe brands in the world. In this ad, they’re marketing their new Air Force 1 Le shoes as part of their Back to School ad campaign.

What can you learn from this ad?

2. Spotify

Facebook image ad example: SpotifyFacebook image ad example: Spotify

In this ad, streaming platform Spotify is advertising Drake’s new album, Certified Lover Boy.

What can you learn from this ad?

3. Shopify

Facebook image ad example: ShopifyFacebook image ad example: Shopify

Shopify is the most popular e-commerce platform in the market right now. In this ad, Shopify is trying to convince people to sign up to their platform and start their own business.

4. PayPal

Facebook image ad example: PayPalFacebook image ad example: PayPal

PayPal is a wildly popular payment gateway that individuals and businesses use to make and receive payments. In this ad, PayPal is showing people that their platform has expanded to support more payment types.

5. Salesforce

Facebook image ad example: SalesforceFacebook image ad example: Salesforce

In this ad, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool Salesforce is advertising their new CRM handbook.

What can you learn from this ad?

Facebook carousel ads examples

6. Sephora

Facebook carousel ad example: SephoraFacebook carousel ad example: Sephora

In this carousel ad, popular beauty retail store Sephora is showing people that they can use Afterpay when they shop at Sephora.

What can you learn from this ad?

7. Dell

Facebook carousel ad example: DellFacebook carousel ad example: Dell

In this ad, Dell is urging people to take advantage of Labour Day discounts on electronics and accessories, with a focus on XPS laptops and Intel.

What can you learn from this ad?

8. Cider

Facebook carousel ad example: CiderFacebook carousel ad example: Cider

In this ad, clothing brand Cider is advertising its new outfits.

What can you learn from this ad?

9. Bayrite

Facebook carousel ad example: BayriteFacebook carousel ad example: Bayrite

In this ad, jewelry company Bayrite is advertising their new necklace.

What can you learn from this ad?

Not only is Bayrite saying that their product is affordable, but they’re also giving a 20% discount for people who purchase the necklace. Way to go!

10. Yoga International

Facebook carousel ad example: Yoga internationalFacebook carousel ad example: Yoga international

In this ad, fitness company Yoga International is urging people to sign up to their app to crush their fitness goals.

What can you learn from this ad?

Facebook Stories ad examples

11. Udemy

Facebook Story ad example - UdemyFacebook Story ad example - Udemy

In this ad, popular course platform Udemy is advertising courses.

What can you learn from this ad?

12. Authority Hacker

Facebook Story ad example - Authority HackerFacebook Story ad example - Authority Hacker

In this ad, Authority Hacker is advertising their new course on how to build and rank websites.

What can you learn from this ad?

13. Coursera

Facebook Story ad example: CourseraFacebook Story ad example: Coursera

Here, another popular e-learning platform, Coursera, is promoting their Google Analytics Certificate course.

What can you learn in this ad?

14. Bolt Food

Facebook story ad example - Bolt FoodFacebook story ad example - Bolt Food

In this ad, Bolt Food is offering people an incentive to install their app.

What can you learn from this ad?

15. IDP Nigeria

Facebook Story ad example - IDP NigeriaFacebook Story ad example - IDP Nigeria

In this ad, international education experts IDP Nigeria are urging people who want to study abroad to sign up for their talk.

What can we learn from this ad?

What makes a great Facebook ad?

When you take a good look at the examples outlined above, you might notice some ad design elements and copywriting tactics that can help you advertise on Facebook effectively.

We have summed them up below as a couple of best practices you can incorporate into your next Facebook ads campaign.

Scroll-stopping visuals

It’s no secret that social media users have short attention spans. So to grab their attention and keep it, your ad visuals have to be unique.

You can improve the quality of your ad visuals by:

Short and to-the-point copy

If you look at the ad captions of the ad examples above, you’ll realize that most of them are 1-2 sentences long.

As we mentioned earlier, social media users have short attention spans, especially if they’re using mobile devices to view ads. So go straight to the point.

If your ad caption is over 3 sentences long, put the hook in the first 1-2 sentences, above the fold. But remember, the shorter the better.

Mobile-friendly design

Nearly 99% of users scroll through their Facebook feeds via a mobile device. So when designing your ads, keep mobile devices in mind. Here are some ways to optimize your ads to be mobile-friendly:

  • Grab the user’s attention within the first 3 seconds of your video.
  • Use vertical images and/or videos, as they take up more space on mobile screens.
  • Use captions and/or overlay text so that viewers can know what your ad is about without turning on sound.
  • Show your brand, product, or service very early in the video ads, just in case viewers don’t watch the ad till the end.

Compelling CTAs

The call-to-action (CTA) is the most important part of an ad. It shows what you want viewers to do after seeing your ad, e.g. sign up to your product, learn more about your offer, etc.

Here are some ways to optimize your CTA:

Audience research and thoughtful targeting

The last thing you want to do is send your ad for streetwear to people who are looking to buy corporate outfits. They won’t convert.

Instead, you want to send your ads to people who are looking for what you are offering. These people are more likely to engage with your ads and convert.

Here are some tips on how to tailor your Facebook ads to your target audience:

Are you ready to start creating an ad campaign? Before you start designing, check out our guide to all Facebook ad image sizes and Hootsuite’s guide to the top Facebook trends in 2022.

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